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Date Page Type     Description
2007.04.22  Sushi roll new Basic recipe of how make sushi roll with illustrations
2007.02.26  Sushi Zushi new Sushi or Zushi?
02.12  Agari new Green tea
02.12  Chopsticks new Chopsticks Lesson
02.06  Records append updated. The longest sushi roll was 1,825 m.
01.28  Samples new Decoration samples
2005.09.01  All rank   PageRank: 5     PageRank: 5   Google > Cooking > ... > Sushi
2004.08.01  All transfer URL changed
04.26  Records append updated and added new (the longest tuna roll) and old records
02.21  Books append a new book Japanese by Jiro ONO (owner of 'Sukiyabashi Jiro') was published.
01.31  Images new link to sushi images on the net, by the keyword search on Google
2003.09.13  Tsukiji new the ground zero of sushi
08.24  Records new world records of Guinness-class
09  Calorie new calories & nutrition data (sortable table)
07.29  Books append some additional recommendable books
23  Shari append a practical example, from rice to sushi rice (shari) and nigiri/roll
06.24  Nigiri new how to make hand forming nigiri
05  History new chronological history of sushi
05.31  Kanji append how to write kanji of sushi with animated strokes
28  Glossary append alphabetical list
26  Monument append new pictures
23  Wasabi append the origin of wasabi
19  Monument new 'sushi-zuka' stone monument
15  Links append links to sites Japanese showing many pictures of local sushi specialties all over Japan
10  Nikiri new another kind of soy sauce for sushi, and a condensed sauce 'nitsume'
10  Illustration append an old portrait of Hanaya Yohei
09  Shari new how to cook and prepare sushi rice, with recipe data of 'awase-zu'
05  Ukiyoe append a sushi stand in the Edo era is shown in Hiroshige's ukiyoe

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