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Ranking Chart
Sushi Restaurants

In the Edo era


There are so many sushi restaurants in Edo city, until the end of Edo period, reputable good ones, or big and small. So the people were intrested in giving them their ranking, as similarly today that Michelin or Zagat Guides do.

The chart was organized following to the well established 'Sumo Wrestling' Ranking Chart (Sumo Banzuke-hyo, still available today) at the time, from the top ranking called 'Ōzeki' (No. 1) to the lower classes, 'Maku-shita.'

One can easily understand from the ranking chart that there were already so many sushi bars there, because it lists 172 named restaurants, including the referees and promoters.

The chart is mainly divided to two part, right side and left side, each lists reputable restaurants of East Area and West Area of Edo city.
The upper top right corner in the main frame is the highest one, who is 'Tama-zushi' as 'Ō-class' in the East, and the top right corner of the left-half side is the top of the West. Center piller area lists the referees and promoters, like Yohei-zushi and Matsuno-zushi.

The ranking order is arranged from top right (bold) to left bottom (thin,) from Ōzeki to Maegashira and 'Makusita' classes, (there was no Yokozuna-class at that time yet,) consisting of five rows.

East (Top right-half side of the chart below) Example of Today's
Sumo Ranking Chart




Sumo Banzuke - click to enlarge

Ranking Chart of Sushi Restaurants in Edo City
Ranking Chart - click to enlarge

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