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Sushi Jargon of Jargons

Some are common in use, but some are not recommended.
Be careful to use.

1: Never used in public 2: Not so popular 3: Common in use

Japanese Meaning Explanation Popularity
Aniki, Ani 兄貴, 兄 Older one the elder brother (Aniki) 1
Otouto Younger/fresh one the younger brother (Otouto) 1
Tama Ark shell's inside part an ark shell has a ball (Tama) inside 1
Sagaya 嵯峨や 'Oboro,'  flakes of white fish derived from a verse of an old Japanese Tokiwazu-song, titled Masakado, the chant begins with "Saga-ya Omuro-no hana-zakari..."   "Oboro" appears twice and it was granted for 'Sagaya' as an esprit 1
Agari 上がり Hot green tea shorten of 'Agari-bana,' which is very freshly served green tea of 'sen-cha' (lower grade,) or from the 'Sugoroku' game of dice playing, in which the winner ends with Agari (Finish,) and means the last action 3
Murasaki Soy sauce a dark purple (Murasaki) color looking liquid 3
Gari がり Sliced ginger, seasoned sweetly with vinegar when you bite it, it sounds like "gari-gari" 3
Gyoku Egg, omelet first part of Kanji characters of 'Tama-go' (egg) has another reading, 'Gyoku' 3
Shari 舎利 Sushi rice white beads of rice resemble to Buddha's borne ash, 'Sharira' in Sanskrit 3
Himo Mantle of ark shell it looks like a piece of string (Himo) 3
Kizu 木津 Dried gourd shavings from the name of good production region (Kizu) in Osaka 1
Yama Bamboo grass, bamboo leaf gathered at mountain (Yama) side 2
Kappa 河童 Cucumber it is said that a favorite food of 'Kappa' (a creature of Japanese fairly tale) 3
Geso 下足 Tentacles of squid shorten of 'Gesoku' (shoes) 3
Tekka-maki 鉄火巻 Tuna-roll often eaten by gambler (Tekka-uchi) at gambling house (Tekka-ba) because of the easiness to eat by hand, as same as sandwich for poker card game 3
Dari だり 4 derived from packhorse driver's jargon 1
Odori 躍り Being alive seems to play a dance (Odori) 3
Kata-omoi 片思い Abalone Unrequited, one-sided (kata) love (Omoi) - half shell alone  2
Namida 涙, 泪 Wasabi, Japanese horse radish makes you to get tears (Namida) 2
Sabi さび Wasabi, Japanese horse radish shorten of 'Wasabi' 2
Sabi-nuki さび抜き No wasabi exclude (nuki) sabi (short for wasabi) from sushi 3
O'makase 御任せ Leave each order to chef 's recommendation consign (makase-ru) and entrust chef 's choice 3
O'konomi 御好み order as you like by your favorite (Konomi) 3
O'aiso 御愛想 Bill, check bill of check, or 'Check please!' - origin: say compliments (Aiso) 3
Teppou 鉄砲 Thin roll ('Nori-maki') looks like a gun/rifle (Teppou 2
Kusa Dried sea weed, laver ('Nori') grass (Kusa) of sea 2
Nami-no-hana 浪の華 Salt flower (hana) of tide waves (nami) 2
Geta 下駄 Wooden serving board/plate looks like a wooden shoe (Geta) 2
Miyajima 宮島 Wooden spatula Famous local product at Miyajima Shrine in Hirosima 2
Japanese Meaning Explanation Popularity

Never used in public Not so popular Common in use

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