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Best of Sushi

ベスト  オブ  すし

The largest Sushi photobook in the world ever found

All in real size, full-scale color pictures


Editor: Nigiri-zushi Kansatsu Gakkai
Publisher: Bungei-shunju Ltd. Link Japanese]
Published: 1988.10.20
Price: Yen 1,650
ISBN: 4163427007
Size: 104 p, 34 x 24 cm, soft cover, Japanese
Status: Out of print (Used available)
  • sushi objects are all in full scale
  • collection of more than 100 kinds of sushi
  • actual set menus of 90 sushi restaurants all over Japan
  • then list prices are indicated
  • comments from restaurant owners

Best of Sushi (Inside)
(Inside, collection of toros and tunas)
Best of SushiHeight = 34cm

Best of Sushi (Inside)
(Inside, Aoki's & Kyuubei's)

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(Revised & enhanced edition - in pocket size)
Best of Sushi , in pocket
Series: Bunshun-bunko (Visual ed. V30-17)
Publisher: Bungei-shunju Ltd.
Published: 1991.01.10
Price: Yen 667
ISBN: 416811211X
Size: 282p, 15 x 10 cm, soft cover, Japanese
Status: Available at Amazon.co.jp (ships internationally), and other book stores.
Details: full text contents of the original edition, including 388 full scale photos of  'Nigiri'-zushi

Best of Sushi, in pocket (front) Best of Sushi, in pocket Best of Sushi, in pocket (back)

O'otoros   Kohadas
Inside of O'o-toros,
in full-size photos
Inside of Kohadas,
in full-size photos

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Other Similar & Recommendable Books

J Japanese: in Japanese / E English: in English / *: Recommendn.
Cover J/E Publication Data Inside
Sushi-neta Zukan (Click to enlarge) J
Sushi-neta Zukan, All color ed. (Series: Shotor Library)
Publisher: Shogakukan (Published: 1997.11)
Price: Yen 1,700
ISBN: 4093431418 (Size: 124 p, 21 x 15 cm, soft cover)
Status: Available
Details: Lists kinds of sushi and sushi-fish (with English/Chinese names) in color photos
Zukan (inside)
Ii-machi Sushi Kikou (Click to enlarge) J
Ii-machi Sushi Kikou
Publisher: Bungei-shunju (Published: 2002.12.15)
Price: Yen 2,700
ISBN: 4163592709 (Size: 237p, 21 x 15 cm, soft cover)
Status: Available
Details: A photo essay and travelogue of 29 famous sushi restaurants in 19 cities all over Japan, incl. Jiro and Aoki, with so many beautiful color (124 pages, more than a half) and B/W photos of their actual servings and prices.  An integration of the works of the author. [Publisher Link Japanese]
Sushi Kikou (inside)
Jiro - Shun-wo-nigiru (Click to enlarge) J
Sukiyabashi Jiro Shun-wo-nigiru
Publisher: Bungei-shunju (Published: 1997.10.25)
Price: Yen 2,667 / Yen 905/paperback
ISBN: 416353430X (Size: 21 x 15 cm, 264p, soft cover)
4167656167 (Size: 15 x 11 cm, 309p, paperback)
Status: Available
Details: 'Jiro' has unrivaled reputations, and shows in this book all kinds of sushi being served during each of the four seasons with beautiful color photos, many of them are in full-sized.  Selected as one of the best 'Top Tables' of Japan [Link] by the International Herald Tribune (IHT - Paris, by Patricia Wells [Link]) in 1994.
Jiro (inside)
(Inside, full-size photos)
Sukiyabashi Jiro - Shougai Ichi-shokunin (Click to enlarge) J
Sukiyabashi Jiro - Shougai Ichi-suhi-shokunin
Publisher: President-sha (Published: 2003.12.09)
Price: Yen 1,800
ISBN: 4833417715 (Size: 26 x 18 cm, 144p, hard cover)
Status: Available
Details: Mr. Jiro ONO, 78 year-old, the owner of 'Jiro' is actively working today, too, and serving his excellent sushi, not only to fastidious sushi connoisseurs but also to very beginners.  His philosophy and essence on his art in sushi making are summarized completely in this book with many beautiful sushi pictures, including his daily kitchen tools and instruments.  "Jiro's final lecture."
Nigiri-no-shinzui (Click to enlarge) J
Publisher: Bungei-shunju (Published: 1994.04.10)
Series: Bunshun-bunko (Visual ed. V30-25)
Price: Yen 680
ISBN: 4168112195 (Size: 15 x 11 cm, 247p, soft cover)
Status: Out of print
Details: Three reputables - Jiro, Okei-zushi, Hashiguchi are well documented with color photos
Shinzui (inside)

The Book of Sushi (Click to enlarge) E
The Book of Sushi
Publisher: Kodansha International (Published: 1995.01)
Price: Yen 1,200 (US$9.95)
ISBN: 4770019548 (Size: 19 cm, 179p, soft cover)
4770013663 (1988.01, 26 x 18 cm, 128p, soft cover, Yen 1,950)
0870118668 (1988.01, 26 x 18 cm, 128p, soft cover, US$19.95)
Status: Available
Details: ([Link: Excerpts]) How to make sushi, in English by  [Link: Kinjiro OHMAE ]
The Book of Sushi
Sushi (Click to enlarge) E
Sushi - The Delicate Flavor of Japan
Publisher: Gakushu Kenkyusha (Gakken) (Published: 1986/1990/1998.07)
Price: Yen 2,500
ISBN: 4051514048 (0870407422) (Size: 26 x 19 cm, 96p, w/ sushi color poster, hard cover)
Status: Out of print    [Used copy is available thr. Alibris & Abebooks ]
Details: How to make sushi, in English by YOSHINO Masuo, the owner of Yoshino-zushi, covers all aspects of sushi with many beautiful color photos, detailed descriptions of history and fish/ingredients, and recipes
Sushi (inside)
Sushi (Click to enlarge) E
Publisher: Chronicle Books (Published: 1981)
Price: US$12.95
ISBN: 0877012385 (Size: 20 x 22 cm, 95p, soft cover)
 (in JP)

Status: Available
Details: How to make sushi, in English
Sushi (inside)

Sushi Gijutsu J
Sushi Gijutsu Kyoukasho (Edomae-zushi-hen) Revised & new ed. (Sushi technical text book - Edo-mae part)
Publisher: Asahiya Shuppan (Published: 1975.05.10/1990.02)
Price: Yen 7,000
ISBN: 4751100262 (Size: 27 x 22 cm, 386p, hard cover w/ dust box)
Status: Available
Details: Full technical and learning textbook from the history of sushi to restaurant management
Sushi Gijutsu (inside)

Other Useful References
A Taste of Japan (Click to enlarge) E
A Taste of Japan Food Fact and Fable, What the People Eat, Customs and Etiquette
Publisher: Kodansha International (Published: 1985.06.01/1993.07.01)
Price: US$ 22.00   (in JP - Yen 2,300)
ISBN: 4770017073 (Size: 26 x 18 cm, 112p, paperback)
Status: Available
Details: Essays on Japanese foods and culture/history in detail with beautiful color pictures
A Dictionary of Japanese Food (Click to enlarge) E
A Dictionary of Japanese Food: Ingredients & Culture
Publisher: Charles E. Tuttle Co. (Published: 1997.01.01)
Price: US$ 16.95
ISBN: 0804820422 (Size: 18 x 13 cm, 232p, paperback)
 (in JP)

Status: Available
Details: Alphabetical entries by romanized kana, with Japanese kana and kanji (Chinese) characters, scientific name, b/w drawing, definition, cross-index, etc.
What's What in Japanese Restaurants (Click to enlarge) E
What's What in Japanese Restaurants: A Guide to Ordering Eating and Enjoying
Publisher: Kodansha International (Published: 1988.10.01/1996.09.01)
Price: US$ 11.95   (in JP - Yen 1,350/1,290)
ISBN: 4770020864 (Size: 18 x 13 cm, 178p, paperback)
Status: Available
Details: How-tos of reading menu, ordering, eating, with Japanese kanji and kana (+ romanized) characters for dishes, in 24 categories, such as sushi, eel, tempura...
Japanese Food and Cooking: A Timeless Cuisine (Click to enlarge) E
Japanese Food and Cooking: A Timeless Cuisine: The Traditions, Techniques, Ingredients and Recipes
Publisher: Lorenz Books (Published: 2001.10.01)
Price: US$ 35.00
ISBN: 0754807991 (Size: 30 x 24 cm, 112p, hardcover)
 (in JP)

Status: Available
Details: Almost everything, from ingredients, utensils to recipes of Japanese cooking, with so many beautiful color pictures.
Sushi for Parties: Maki-zushi and Nigiri-zushi (Click to enlarge) E
Sushi for Parties: Maki-zushi and Nigiri-zushi
Publisher: Kodansha (Published: 1996.12.01)
Price: US$ 19.00
ISBN: 0870409565 (Size: 26 x 21 cm, 80p, paperback)
 (in JP)

Status: Available
Details: Incentive ideas with beautiful color photos for rolls (Futo-maki) and detailed instructions for nigiri (hand-forming)-zushi, and other types are covered.
Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls (Click to enlarge) E
Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls
Publisher: Japan Pub. Trading Co. (Published: 2002.02.01)
Price: US$ 36.00
ISBN: 4889960767 (Size: 26 x 22 cm, 192p, hardcover)
 (in JP)

Status: Available
Details: Recipes of sushi rolls with beautiful color photos.
Michelin Guide 2009 Tokyo (Click to enlarge) E
Michelin Guide 2009 Tokyo
Publisher: Michelin Travel Pub. (Published: 2009.03.15)
List Price: US$ 16.99
ISBN: 206713714X (500p, softcover)
 (in Japanese)

Status: Available
Details: Guide of reputable restaurants in Tokyo.

Some out of print books could be purchased from antiquarian book stores through the above and below links.

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