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Never be found in sushi restaurants

(Buckwheat noodle sushi — 蕎麦寿司)

Mori soba Soba:
Soba noodles (buckwheat noodles) are also those of the most favoured dishes in Japan. People love their taste and unique flagrance of the 'soba' very much for a long time since the Edo period, which is roughly the same time of the invention of sushi.
Mori soba

Long dry sticks of buckwheat noodles are bound up with a string at the one end into a bundle, and cooked/boiled in a normal way.  The bounded end can not be cooked, so this part is cut away.

The noodles are seasoned with rice vinegar (like sushi rice) and with other ingredients, typically thinly cooked omelet and vegetables, and rolled into like a thin sushi roll, 'Nori-maki.'

It is cut into pieces and served with ordinal 'soba tsuyu' (a sauce for soba noodles specifically prepared with soy sauce and broth of dried bonito, 'Katsuo-bushi.')

Soba-zushi is usually served at rather high class soba noodle restaurants or by those of traditional Japanese styles ('Ryoutei,') and seldom in usuall sushi bars or restaurants sadly, because it needs some other skills of soba-cooking eventually.

[Soba-zushi   蕎麦寿司   Link: Cooking1 Japanese, Cooking2 Japanese]


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