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'Sake' in Kanji character
Saké in Kanji

The best companion of 'Sushi'

Enjoyable at every temperatures, but recommended in hot (kan) or cold (hiya) depending on the grades or types of the sake.

And in the four seasons, in summer or winter,
there are various combinations to enjoy.

Saké Temperatures to Drink
(Officially designated names)

Temp. Designated name
Meaning (Hint)
°C °F
Hiya (Cold)
Masu-zake, w/ a pinch of salt*1
  0  -  5 32 - 41 Yuki-hié
 (In a snow falling)
  Well cooled by ice cubes, in a carafe.
  5  - 10 41 - 50 Hana-hié
(Under cherry-blossoms)
  Just chilled in the fridge.
 10 - 15 50 - 59 Suzu-hié
(Mildly cool)
  Best to taste for premium grades.
  (Ginjyou / Dai-ginjyou.)
Kan (Hot)
180cc Sake-bottle and Choku (Koimari-nozoki)
 30 - 35 86 - 95 Hinata-kan
(At a sunny place)
  (Not recommended.)
 35 - 40 95 - 104 Hito-hada-kan
  Best to drink for normal grades.
 40 - 45 104 - 113 Nuru-kan
  ('Nuru-i' = Lukewarm)
 45 - 50 113 - 122 Jyoh-kan
  Best to drink in 'Kan'-condition.
 50 - 55 122 - 131 Atsu-kan
(Purely hot)
  Best to severe in a winter time.
   (ca. 2 min.)*2
 55 - over 131 - over Tobi-kiri-kan
(Hot to jumping-up)
  Be careful not to be burnt.
   ('Tobu' = to jump, 'Kiru' = to chop)
霙 [U+9719]
[ Mizoré ]
[- 10 ] [14] 霙 [ Mizoré ]
  [ Here named only ]*3
  It gets sleet when poured !
(*1) It was said that a small portion of salt can be put on the edge of 'Masu'(wooden measuring cup) to taste sake more tastefully, but not recommended to do so repeatedly because of health reason.
(*2) With a microwave (600W), in a 180 cc (6 oz.) China-sake-bottle shown left above.
(*3) No official name is given to this yet.  A higher alcoholic content drink never frozen under sub-zero temp., but the water part will be under some conditions, and it looks like diamond dust.  Not recommended often because it will hurt the taste some extent - just for fun only.


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