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Sushi Stone Monument

'Sushi-zuka' is a commemorational stone monument/mound/cairn ('tsuka') for the purposes of mourning, consolation and repose, and praise as well, of the 'sushi souls and sprits.'

1. Tsukiji, Tokyo

A 'sushi-zuka' was built at the 'Namiyoke Inari Jinjya [Link Japanese, a Shinto shrine]' (erected in 1658-61) next to the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market [LinkMap Japanese] by an association of sushi shops of Tokyo (as their 20th anniversary, promoted by OHMAE, Kinjiro) on 1st Nov., 1972 [Showa 47,] where other fishery stone monuments of Katsu-gyo (fresh fish,) Ebi (shrimp,) Ankou (angler/goose fish,) Tamago (egg,) Hamaguri (clam,) etc. have been erected together.

Annual memorial festival of fish-celebration and for the 'Day of Sushi' (cause many of good fish is going to be available and the year's newly cropped rice 'shin-mai' is also on the market around November) is held on the same day (1st Nov.) every year.  ('Nami-yoke' means 'avoidance of [big] tide/wave,' and 'Inari' is a 'god of harvests.')

Address: 20-37, Tsukiji 6-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Map link: 1 English, 2 Japanese, 3 Japanese
Location: 35º 39' 48" N, 139º 46' 18" E

Sushi-zuka 1a Shrine facade Sushi-zuka 1b 
Shrine long shot
Sushi-zuka Namiyoke-Inari Jinjya Su

Egg Shrimp Angler Fresh fish Clam
(fresh fish)

English Google
Google Map - Namiyoke Inari Shrine

Street View:

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2. Yokohama, Kanagawa

At the O'otori Jinjya [Shinto shrine] located at the same place of Kotohira Jinjya in Yokohamabashi shopping street, a sushi-zuka was built by an association of sushi shops of Kanagawa Pref. on 1st Nov. 1980.  Famous for annual "Cook's Fair" held on the 'Day of Cook' in November.

Address: 1-3, Magane-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref.
Map link: 1 English, 2 Japanese, 3 Japanese
Location: 35º 26' 13" N, 139º 37' 42" E

Sushi-zuka 2a Shrine long shot Sushi-zuka 2b 
Sushi-zuka Kotohira - O'otori Jinjya Su

English Google
Google Map - Otori Shrine


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