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Funa zushi

Crucian carp sushi 鮒鮨

The origin of sushi in Japan

One of the very origins of sushi is regarded as 'funa-zushi' (crucian carp sushi) whose origin is considered almost back to about thousand years ago, and still now prepared around Lake Biwa ('Biwa-ko' [ map ]), Shiga Pref. in the middle of Japan.  The Sushi History in Japan begun with this type, called Nare-zushi, a fully fermented sushi.


A special kind of crucian carp ('Nigoro-buna' [ image ],) an indigenous species to the lake, caught in April - May is salted and stored for about one to three years to fermented and ready to eat.

First, scales of the fish are scraped off, and gills are removed, then all intestines are taken away under through the gill cover.  Next, pure salt is fully stuffed into inside of the fish body.  Lastly the fish and salt are placed in layers in a bucket and kept under weights for several months.

After this first process, the salt is washed out completely and fish is dried for a day.  In the next process, cooked rice is stuffed into inside the fish and again fish and rice are kept in layers under salt, water and weights for about another year or more for full fermentation and maturation.

By shutting off the air, lactic acid (anaerobic bacteria) fermentation can take place rather than by butyric acid (aerobic.)


As rice is completely fermented and changes to creamy paste, funa-zushi has a same kind of smell as some blue cheeses have, but it is stronger and characteristic.  Fish including bornes are able to be eaten and rice gruel would not be eaten principally.

Funa that has hard roe is valued much and a 3-year product is highly appreciated.

[Link1: Preparation process images Japanese]
[Link2: Preparation process images Japanese]


Shops & Restaurants
Name [Link: Japanese] Address (Shiga Pref.) Phone
Nakajima Shichirobei Honkatada, Ohtsu 0775-72-0124
Kitashina Takashima, Takashima-gun 0740-36-0031
Tsubosei Kitanoshou-machi, Ohmihachiman 0748-33-5151
Uoji Makino-cho, Takashima-gun 0740-28-1011
Sakamotoya Nagara, Ohtsu 0755-24-2406
Ueda Gisaburou Honten Kyoumachi, Hikone 0749-22-0450
Uosan Motohama-chou, Nagahama 0749-62-4134

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