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0. Search and Translation
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      Sushi Sample Pictures
[ Sushi Sample Pictures ]

1. Sushi Jargon
Counting jargons from 1 (one) to 10 (ten), and their usage examples.
Expert oriented, Unique & less common sushi terms.
 Sushi Counting Jargons    Sushi Jargon of Jargons

2. The Ultimate Sushi  Glossary Glossary (Japanese/Kanji - English/Fr./De.)
More than 300 terms, by Category and A-Z List.

 The Ultimate Sushi Glossary 2 3 4 5

3. Sushi Chinese/Han (Japanese 'Kanji') characters
Original meaning of sushi-kanji and writing strokes.
Kanji images relating to sushi/fish.
 Sa  Kin  Kin  Sa  Sa, Sushi  Shi, Sushi  Su-Shi

4. Sushi Etiquette
The manner how to eat sushi - never & must - from novices to experts.
How do you order, by ' Okonomi ' or ' Omakase '?
 Kozara, of Koimari  Sho'oyu-sashi of Kiyomizu-yaki  Toro

5. An oldest sushi Illustration
'Nigiri' by Hanaya-Yohei (One of the originators of Nigiri-zushi) drawn by KAWABATA Gyokusho.
 Hanaya-Yohei's Sushi

6. The largest sushi color photo Book in the world.
"Best of Sushi" - all full & real sized sushi color photos and reputable restaurant guides all over Japan, as large as 34 cm or 13.4 in. tall in the book size.
Other good publications for sushi and Japanese cooking.
 Best of Sushi  Height = 34cm, 13.4 in.  In Pocket

7. A collection of sushi Comics
 comic1    comic2    comic3    comic4 ...

8. Sushi Auction Right arrow goes to [ Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions  Japanese ] (in a new window)
What a fun to browse how much and so many varieties of sushi related goods are on the auction day-by-day.
(Image listing by 'Keyword Search' with Japanese Kanji characters of 'Sushi's - see above 3.) Enjoy (or bid!)
Extended search Options, if you would really want as many hits as possible, regardless of some noises.


9. Fish playing cards ('Osakana Carta')
More than 60 years ago (1937), this suite of fish playing cards was published.
It is called 'Iroha'-carta, that each card represents 47 (50) Japanese phonetic sounds, and consists of the pairs of picture and reading cards.
This item was designed and presented to a limited customers of the fish market of Tokyo.
Now, a reproduction version is available.
 Carta (box)  cards - ' Su '  cards - ' Shi '
( ' Su '  &  ' Shi ' cards )

10. Sushi related Ukiyoe ('Nishiki-e') printings
Drawn by Toyokuni & Hiroshige, etc. and other interesting pictures.
 Matsu-no-sushi  En-en tei ...
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11. USOs - Unusual Sushi Objects

12. Soba-zushi (Buckwheat noodle sushi)
Also one of the best and most favoured Japanese foods, Soba (buckwheat noodles) is cooked as a sort of sushi, indeed.
But it can not be found in sushi bars...

13. The best and inevitable accompanists of sushi
Agari (hot green tea) and Yunomi (green-tea cup).
Gari (sliced and seasoned ginger) recipe.
Wasabi (fresh Japanese horseradish) and sharkskin grater.
 Shouga - Gari - Ginger    Wasabi   Yunomi
Sho'oyu (soy sauce) or Nikiri-jo'oyu and 'Nitsume'-sauce.
With Chopsticks or fingers to eat sushi?

14. The best of the best sushi Restaurants (with links of location maps)
Most recommendable and a must for a gourmet/gourmand to visit some day...

*** Kyuubei (Kyubei / Kyubey)
(Ginza 8, Tokyo)
 Ginza Map
 Kyuubei  Aoki  Karaku
*** Jiro (Sukiyabashi - Ginza 4, Tokyo)
** Miyako-zushi (Asakusa 2, Tokyo)
* Aoki (Ginza 6, Tokyo)
* Karaku (Ginza 5, Tokyo)
* Yoshino-zushi (Nihonbashi 3, Tokyo)
* Izuu (Kyoto) - [Saba-oshi-zushi]
* Sushiman (Osaka) - [Kodai Suzume-zushi]
15. The very origin of sushi
Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi) is regarded as one of the origins of sushi in Japan
 Funa-zushi    Funa-zushi
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16. Sushi rice recipe and vinegar-mixture
How to cook sushi rice and prepare the best 'Shari' (sushi rice) - which shares 60% in the sushi taste.
Also practical vinegar mixture ('awase-zu') recipe.
 Awasezu Basic  Short-grain rice

17. Sushi stone Monument
Called 'Sushi-zuka' for mourning, consolation and repose of the fish/sushi souls and spirits (with links of location maps.)
 Sushi-zuka 1  Sushi-zuka 2

18. Sushi History
Chronology, origin and genealogy of sushi in Japan.

 Sushi history  Sushi history  Sushi history

19. Nigiri the Bijou
How to make a 'nigiri,' step by step instructions and illustrations to hand forming of nigiri-zushi.

 How to make Nigiri  How to make Nigiri How to make NigiriHow to make Nigiri

      Sushi Sample Pictures
[ Sushi Sample Pictures ]

20. Sushi Calories & Nutrition Facts
How many each 'kan' (piece) of nigiri and California roll contains - compare the calorie value by sorting the data table, and the differences between typical fast foods.

 Calorie & Nutrition

21. Sushi world Records of Guinness-class
World's records for the longest sushi rolls, and other No.1 sushi shops.
- The longest tuna sushi roll (Tekka-maki) was recorded (280 meter, 919 ft) as of 2004.04.25 in Japan -

 Records1  Records2

22. The Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo - the ground zero of Sushi
            Google Map - Tsukiji Fish Market

23. Sushi Images on the net (Goes to Google in a new window.)
Search keywords in Kanji character: "Sushi Sushi1 or Sushi Sushi2 or Sushi Sushi3"
Do you like to brows sushi and related pictures on the net of Japan?
There are so many good & enjoyable sushi images (through Google Image Search.)

(Also, World-wide: Sushi images)

24. Kappa-bashi (Tokyo) and Dōguya-suji (Osaka) streets
Anything/everything that are used and needed for kitchen and cooking (tools, utensils, goods.) you may want to. From sushi knives to decoration samples.

25. Sushi artificial decoration samples
but -- life-sized, carbon-copied, in facsimile, mirrored, cloned, or even much more vivid decoration samples. They are usually available at Kappa-bashi / Dōguya-suji (see above) shops.

Image sushi_sample1 sushi_sample2 sushi_sample3 sushi_sample4 sushi_sample5 sushi_sample6
List Price Yen 2,415 Yen 3,150 Yen 2,730 Yen 1,300 Yen 1,100 Yen 2,940

26. Sushi or Zushi ?
Why there are 'sushi' and 'zushi' everywhere and every sushi term found in the world?
A unique colloquial/grammatical rule of Japanese language, called Rendaku.

27. Norimaki Sushi roll basic recipe with illustrations
How to make a sushi roll, California roll with step by step illustrations. Nori seaweed sheet is toasted at first for the good taste and texture of the rolls.
sushi roll       California roll

28. Michelin Guide 2009 Tokyo
* * * Sukiyabashi Jiro, Sushi Mizutani
  * * Sushi Kanesaka, Taku, Sawada, Hatsune-zushi
    * Ginza Kyubei, and other 9 restaurants.
Michelin Guide 2009 Tokyo

29. Tuna-sushi and Mercury

There are some warnings about the content of mercury (methyl mercury) in tuna fish meats, in particular about the danger for the pregnant. Some of reports are sensational, hot, and a few are moderate or cool about the issue.

30. Ranking Chart of Sushi Restaurants in Edo

There are so many sushi restaurants in Edo city, until the end of Edo period, reputable good ones, or big and small. So people were intrested in giving them their ranking, as similarly today that Michelin or Zagat Guides do.
Ranking Chart

31. Some videos of sushi and cooking

32. ...

• Sushi Links
Very traditional and local sushi specialties all over Japan, with many pictures  Japanese , and other search engine listings.
  1. Yahoo! Directry: Sushi-Links
    Yahoo! > Directory > Regional > Countries > Japan > Society and Culture > Food and Drink > Types of Food > Sushi
    (Listed as "Sushi Encyclopedia," as of May 17, 2004.)
  2. Google Directory: Sushi
    Google > Directory > Cooking > World Cuisines > Asian > Japanese > Sushi


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 Sushi picture 3  Sushi picture 4
 Sushi picture 5

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Sake Temperature   - the best partner of Sushi -

 Sake in kanji character  Masu-zake, w/ a pinch of salt on the edge  Kenbishi - a Sake brand of reputations  Sake bottle, and Choko of Koimari

      Sushi Sample Pictures

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