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Agari - Green Tea


What is 'agari' ?:

When a customer finishes the dish, the sushi shop serves a fresh cup of green tea as the last one to close, and such finishment is called 'agari' fairely well. In the end, the tea itself became to be call so. It was one of the jargons in the sushi biz, but it is relatively well know to the people nowadays. Some sushi chefs dislike and complain of this usage by the people outside their industry.


There are some differences from ordinal green tea usually drunk daily by the general public in Japan. It is powdered to be quickly extructed and its taste is bitterer than usuall to wash down, clear and refresh the mouth each time to taste different kind of sushi.

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Updated on: 2007.02.12
Created on: 2007.02.12
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