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Free viewing by Cross-eye

Cross view
Cross viewing

'Free viewing' means to view two pictures (left & right, a stereo pair) without using a viewing device.

A larger picture pair that has more than 60-70mm (interocular) distance between the each center can not be free viewed with parallel-eyed method, it requires cross-eyed.

Interesting nature of free-viewing:
If you can see the above two drawings (stereo pair) in single stereoscopic image and the characters 'Left' or 'Right' is seen differently in their densities, i.e. either of two is lighter/heavier, it means that your eyes have different abilities each other.  It is usually normal, but ideally the same.

[Link: Free-viewing help]

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Updated on: 2003.08.01
Created on: 2003.04.03
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